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Mission | Purpose | Bylaws

Mission | Purpose | Bylaws

Missouri Suicide Prevention Network shall lead

statewide suicide prevention efforts.

MSPN’s goal is to coordinate and develop implementation of

the Missouri Suicide Prevention Plan, based on the National

Strategy for Suicide Prevention.


MSPN will work to support the following elements:

• Suicide is preventable.
• Reduce the prejudice and discrimination associated with mental health, substance use, and suicide.
• Suicide prevention coalitions.
• Evidence-based means safety in accordance with clinical care standards.
• Evidence-based suicide prevention. 
• Effective clinical and professional practices.
• Linkage with community mental health and substance use disorder services.
• Use of media reporting guidelines and positive portrayals of persons living with mental illness, substance use, and suicide.
• Utilize a data driven and scientific approach to suicide prevention.



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